Terms of service

These terms and conditions apply to Martyn Ford Coaching (“Service Provider”) and the Service Providers website, mobile apps, or other online services.

# 1. Payment and delivery
The Service Provider accepts the following payment methods as a minimum: Visa and MasterCard. You will not be charged any fees that affect the price offered through the Service Provider.

The amount is deducted only when your purchased service, regardless of whether it is a diet plan, workout plan or the like, has been delivered by email, or you have accepted the payment after signing up for the online training course.

The Service Provider will never be able to withdraw a larger amount than you have approved at the time of purchase.

Prices are quoted in GBP, USD or in EURO incl. VAT.

# 2. Right of withdrawal
By accepting ‘terms and conditions’ you agree that online training courses, workout plans and diet plans are tailored specifically according to your needs and objectives, why these are subject to the ‘exception clause 18’ of the Danish Consumer Agreement Act. 2, No. 3.

Thus, there is no right of withdrawal after your training plan, diet plan or training course has been delivered based on the agreed commitment.

# 3. Data and Privacy
For a detailed overview of the personal data policy, please go to

# 4. Cookies
The Service Provider uses cookies from Google Analytics. Google Analytic is persistent cookies and is used to analyze website statistics and user behavior. Google Analytics does not collect personal information.
You can learn about Google Analytics cookies at:

# 5. Age
If you are under 18 years of age and accept these terms and conditions, your Service Provider encourage your parents and/or guardian to participate in and advise you on your use of online activities. The Service Provider encourages children to have their parents and /or a guardian’s permission before publishing information to an online media such as the one of the Service Provider.

# 6. Law and jurisdiction
Purchase of services through the Service Provider and its website, mobile apps, or other online services are subject to Danish Law. Any dispute will be settled by the ordinary Danish courts.